A Major Advance
In Preventative Septic System Treatment

Septic Tank Problems?

Bothered by Septic Odors? Having Septic Tank problems? Or are you looking for an excellent septic tank maintenance product? Would you like to eliminate unnecessary worry? Nothing in the world can outperform Bio-Tab for keeping septic systems non-clogging and free flowing, as well as preventing septic odors and other septic tank problems? .

Safe for the environment and non-toxic, Bio-Tabdigests waste solids from your septic systems. It helps liquefy materials such as oils, fats, greases, proteins, (meat, fish, milk, gelatin), starches (bread, flour), fruits, vegetables and papers such as toilet paper and tissues. The result Bio-Tabhelps keep your septic system working properly. There isn't an easier, more effective and economical way to insure a properly functioning septic system from slow moving drains, dishwashers that won't drain, toilets that won't flush, foul smelling odors. End your septic tank problems today.

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That's ONLY $4.16 a month
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